How to use the Spa

STEP1 Reservation

Please make an online reservation.

Lessons can be attended by reservation only. Please choose the lesson you would like to attend and reserve a place beforehand. Reservations can be made by WEB.Lesson schedules, opening hours, holidays and reservation methods vary between spas, so please check beforehand.
*Hot Yoga Studio Bion is exclusive to women.

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Lessons recommended for first-time customers
  • Stretch & Beauty

    Stretch & Beauty 

    Sit up straight and relax your body from deep within while being aware of your beautiful self. The warmth allows you to move easily so your approach is deepened.

  • Relax


    Let your body warm from within while enjoying Yoga poses. This lesson uses simple, slow movements.

  • bionPILATES ベーシック


    By being aware of and using your core muscles while feeling the power of the lava stones, you can trim your body line and also increase your metabolism, making your body perspire greatly from deep within.

We also offer various other lessons. Get to know more about our programs.
STEP2 Arrival

Before you participate in a lesson...

The first time you use this service, there are explanations about how to proceed and you also need to change clothes, among other things, so please arrive 30-40 minutes before your lesson is due to begin.

* In the case of a cancellation due to unforeseen circumstances, please be sure to contact us. In the case of a cancellation where we have not been contacted, a cancellation fee will apply.
[IMPORTANT] 2 bath towels and 1 face towel are included with each lesson.We recommend removing any make-up before a lesson so you can perspire more freely.

Things you will need to bring

Clothing you can move freely in. (Clothing is also available for rental.)
A change of underwear. (You will perspire a lot, so this is a necessity.)
At least 500 ml of water. (Also available for purchase in the spa.)
A plastic bag to put dirty clothing in is recommended.

We sell our own original brand of mineral water (500ml) "Kireinamizu" over the counter. We also have effective supplements available for after lessons.

STEP3 Participating in a lesson

To Magma Spa Studio!

Lessons take place on top of a bath towel.
The Far Infrared Rays of Mt. Fuji's lava stones radiate and warm your body from deep within and you will perspire a lot, so please move comfortably while drinking plenty of water. The lesson will take place in a hot environment so please do not push yourself if you need a break.

STEP4 After participation

Preparing to leave

You can make use of the locker room, shower room and powder room (fully equipped with driers).

  • Locker


  • Shower


  • Powder Room

    Powder Room

Beautiful people keep themselves warm!
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