About Magma Spa Studio

Magma Spa Studio is a hot studio which slowly warms your body. It was created to use Negative Ion and Far Infrared Therapy to “effectively raise body heat”.  We use water vapor to gently warm your body. It creates the perfect environment for women to exercise in. If you try it out, you will feel “Magma Spa” for yourself. This is a studio exclusive to women that you will want to tell everyone about. * Individual results may vary.

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Magma Spa Studio warms your body up slowly.
You will be surprised by how much you perspire when you try it for yourself.
It's good for your skin and for diets as well.
It's perfect for people who dislike stuffy spaces.

First-time customers can feel comfortable as well. How to use the spa.

We would like to guide first-time customers through the process from reservation all the way to after they have participated in a lesson so they can feel comfortable during their trial.

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STEP1 Reservation
STEP2 Arrival
STEP3 Participating in a lesson
STEP4 After participation

Our carefully selected program

Magma Spa Studio was created to use Negative Ion and Far Infrared Therapy to